XRAY Communications, based in Toronto, Canada, is an innovative provider of powerful, practical and focused communications solutions to business and non-profit organizations internationally.

Our mission is to optimize message development, presentation, transmission, illumination and visibility enabling our customers to achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively than ever before. It is our goal for you to do more with less.

From concept to implementation, we are expert in the world of interactive media and communications. We collaborate with you to articulate your vision and define our strategy in order to create, produce, deliver and report tailored and optimized messages that meet your goals.

Our diverse, stable, secure and robust managed infrastructure provides additional flexibility, control and visibility into your interactive presentations and transmissions. By enhancing industry standard software with XRAY VUTM, we empower our clients to truly communicate with vision!

At XRAY, we are very selective in both the people we hire and the companies we partner with.

Our power is generated by our team of professionals who are the most sought after specialists in online marketing, copywriting, digital art, application design, internet development and systems management. Selected for their ability to consistently produce top quality results with unmatched efficiency, XRAY team members have decades of professional experience in their respective disciplines and most have delivered solutions for multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Our partner selection strategy dictates that our vendor partners must innovate first and foremost. They must also have a stable business with strong growth to ensure their ability to provide top notch service and support for years to come.

If you believe that your goals can be reached by enhanced communications to internal users, stakeholders, customers or any specific focus group, contact us anytime to demonstrate how we can illuminate your next audience!